Our students have access to our in-house ACE Hub. Whether you need help with your next destination, including support with university applications and apprenticeship opportunities or are looking to obtain information on job vacancies, volunteering opportunities and gap years, our in house dedicated careers professionals are here for impartial advice and guidance.

Additional Support

We welcome all applications across all subject areas from students with disabilities or learning differences. A dedicated team of support staff are here to help you and will assess your individual requirements when you apply.

Welfare and Counselling

If life throws up some unexpected challenges during your time at the College, it’s good to know there’s always someone on hand to talk to. We have an expert counsellor available to all students to talk to in confidence about any issues affecting them during their time at the College.

Student Finance

If you require extra financial support to attend college, the student finance team have the advice and information you need. A variety of funds are available to help you cover the cost of your education, for which you must meet an attendance target at college.


The Student Enrichment team put on trips, clubs and societies to make your time at College even more fun!

Student Voice

No one deserves more of a say in the life of the College than its students. Student Voice is important to us at the College and we promote a number of opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved in and have your say.

Your own Learning Coach

As a full-time student you will have a learning coach who will work with you and support you. Our learning coaches are chosen for their experience in supporting students and helping them to achieve their best.

One of our students expressed:

“I have found every coach for every subject overwhelmingly helpful – backing me all the way. My learning coach has proved to be a great help in all aspects of my being here – thanks!”